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10 things you should buy when moving to Sweden

Jun 14, 2016 anne_pihl
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Sweden is a beautiful country and offers an enormous range of winter and summer amenities and activities. The country also has a rather extreme climate and Swedes have their own way of doing things so you need to prepare. Here’s a helpful pack list for moving to Sweden.

1. Socks

This tops the list for the simple reason that your socks will constantly be on display in Sweden, as it’s normal to remove your shoes when entering Swedish homes and also a wide range of other places such as sports clubs and schools. To save embarrassment, it’s definitely worth investing in a hole-free collection.

2Winter boots

These are essential as no matter how well wrapped up you are, you will quickly freeze in sub-zero temperatures without properly insulated footwear. Even if you’re prepared to freeze or stay indoors all winter, you will need footwear with proper grips to avoid broken bones from slippery ice. It used to be a case of waving fashion goodbye in winter but there’s actually a huge range of fashionable boots now available.

3. Winter jacket

The thicker and better insulated the better. The real trick, I learned over the years, is to have one that covers your bum – it really makes a difference. Having a jacket with a hood is also highly recommended for snowy weather.

4. A woolly cap

Whilst this may fill you with horror, it’s a necessary evil in Sweden as temperatures can easily reach minus 20 and lower. On the positive side, there’s a huge range of both woolly caps and other winter hats available in Sweden, some of which are even cool, so you might want to wait until you get here to buy one.

5. Thermal underwear

Even if you’re not sporty or outdoorsy, Swedes are, and there will probably be plenty of occasions when you will be very glad to have a set of thermal underwear.

6. Machine washable clothes

Dry cleaning is really expensive in Sweden and you can quickly spend more on cleaning than you spent on buying the clothes in the first place.

7. Training clothes

Training is the new religion in Sweden and Swedes invest a lot of money in looking good while training, or even just out walking. Three reasonably priced Swedish sports retailers worth checking are Stadium, Intersport and XXL. H&M has also introduced a range of sportswear.

8. Mosquito repellent

Warning: Sweden has a lot of mosquitos and my own experience is that they are particularly partial to foreign blood.

9. Light box/SAD lamp

Winters are long in Sweden and the lack of daylight takes some getting used to. Many expats swear by using light therapy in winter to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

10. Netflix

If you’re happy with endless re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and other American comedy series, you’re all set, as they feature a lot on Swedish television. Otherwise, a subscription to Netflix or similar is recommended.

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