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A quick guide to understanding Swedish apartment adverts

May 24, 2016 anne_pihl
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Looking for an apartment in Stockholm or elsewhere in Sweden? Then you’re probably online trying to make sense of Swedish ads. Even if you find ads in English, you may be confused about what exactly they mean. Here’s a guide to help you understand the most common terms used and how to interpret them.

Essential points to understand in an advert

Swedish apartments are described in terms of the number of rooms and their size in square metres. Prices are shown per month. If you are unfamiliar with square metres, here’s a link where you can convert to square feet.

  • Lägenhet (sometimes shortened to ‘lgh’): means apartment
  • Uthyres: Means for rent
  • Möblerad: Means furnished (‘omöblerad’ or ‘ej möblerad’ means unfurnished)
  • Rum: Means the number of rooms in an apartment
  • Trappa/tr/våning: Means the floor the apartment in on. For example, is the third floor
  • Inneboende/Rum uthyres: Means a lodger, usually a room in someone else’s apartment with access to the kitchen and bathroom
  • Dela på: Means apartment sharing
  • Studio: Means a one room apartment where the kitchen is part of the room
  • Bostadsrätt: Means that the apartment is privately owned
  • Hyresrätt: Means the apartment is not privately owned, usually rented from the local municipality
  • Icke rökare/Ingen rökning: Means no smoking
  • Djurfritt/inga husdjur: Means no animals

What does the number of rooms mean and what’s a half room?

The number of rooms means the number of living space rooms and bedrooms and does not include the kitchen or bathroom or hall (if there is one).  2 rooms therefore means a living room and a bedroom, a bathroom and usually (but not always) a separate kitchen. 3 rooms means a living room and 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate kitchen. A half room is a term that is used quite loosely and can mean anything from a separate little room without a door to a mezzanine or even an alcove with a bed. The number of rooms is written as ‘1 rum’ or ‘1:a’, ‘2 rum’ or ‘2:a’, ‘2.5 rum’ or ‘2.5:a etc

What does the rent include?

The rent price shown usually includes heating, water and garbage disposal but electricity, gas, internet and tv can often be extra. Ask, to be on the safeside. Many Swedes have given up on having a landline telephone and just use their mobiles instead. If there is a telephone, you will have need to pay for this separately and probably have to arrange your own contract with a provider. It’s common to get a package deal with TV, internet and telephone from the same provider.

Other common terms

The following points are highly rated by Swedes and usually included in the advert if the apartment has these features

  • Balkong: balcony
  • Fräsch/nyrenoverad : good condition/recently renovated
  • Högt i taket: high ceilings
  • Utsikt: view
  • Nytt kök: new kitchen
  • Nytt badrum: new bathroom
  • Kvällssol: Sun in the evening time

Translating Swinglish terms:

If the advert is in English, you might be confused by the following Swinglish terms:

  • “Person with good economy”: Don’t get your hopes up if you’re hard up but good at making money stretch. This means that they are looking for a tenant whose personal finances are in good order and preferably has a permanent job.
  • “Fresh”: This doesn’t mean super clean or brand new. It means in good condition or recently renovated.
  • “House” (when the advert is for an apartment): This can be very confusing but what is actually being referred to is the apartment building.
  • “Good communications”: This doesn’t mean the internet speed but easy access to public transport.

Good luck!

Best of luck with your apartment hunting and don’t forget to follow our blog for more helpful tips.  If you’re relocating to Sweden and need help with renting or buying a property, please don’t hesitate to contact us for details of our home finding services.

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