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What is the average price of an apartment in Stockholm?

Nov 09, 2016 anne_pihl
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The property market in Stockholm continues to be red hot with an increase of 4% for apartment prices in the municipality of Stockholm over the 12 months between October 2015 and September 2016.

Double digit increases

There were double digit percentage increases for many of the neighbouring municipalities, which together form the greater Stockholm area. Österåker saw the largest price rise with a 24% increase followed by Vallentuna (23%) and Värmdö (21%) for the same 12 month period. Some areas have had double digit increases in the past few months alone. Nynäshamn, Tyresö and Vallentuna had increases of 13%, 12% and 11% respectively in the 3 month period July- September 2016.

How much does an apartment in the greater Stockholm area cost?

The following table gives figures by municipality as well as an average price for the greater Stockholm area as a whole. The map below shows the location of the neighbouring municipalities i.e. near and outlying Stockholm suburbs. Generally speaking, the further out from the centre of Stockholm, the lower the prices. Prices are also provided per metre squared, which is the standard measurement used for property prices in Sweden.


Map of the Greater Stockholm Area and outlying municipalities


What is the average price of an apartment in Sweden and how does Stockholm compare?

Our second table compares Stockholm apartment prices with the national average as well as apartment prices in Sweden’s second and third biggest cities, Gothenburg and Malmö .


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