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Christmas Season in Sweden – Saint Lucia Day

Dec 12, 2018 anne_pihl
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The feast of Saint Lucia is one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden and a highlight of the Christmas season. Lucia, the bearer of light, is celebrated all around the country with candle processions, Lucia choirs, saffron buns and glögg (mulled wine) on December 13th. This video will give you the full low-down on how this classic Swedish event is celebrated.

Work warning!!!

An important heads-up for anyone working in Sweden is that people will be coming late to work and possibly disappearing early or even mid-day to attend various Lucia events and celebrations. Not a good day for arranging meetings! With any luck, you might be treated to a Lucia procession or event at your work place

Modern Lucia has embraced inclusivity

lucia2018Sweden has a long-standing reputation as a progressive country and even the iconic image of St. Lucia has been forced to move with the times and embrace inclusivity. My own daughter was devastated to be told in her first year of school that only fair-haired girls could be crowned Lucia. What a difference fourteen years makes! Not only has it become common for darker haired and dark-skinned girls to get the part but even men and the gender fluid are now eligible for the role. The city of Malmö announced this year that their Lucia could be a man or person of non-binary gender.  For more details on this story see

Lucia concerts in Stockholm 2018

lucia wreathAttending a Lucia concert with a good choir in a church setting is highly recommended to experience this lovely Swedish tradition. A list of Lucia concerts is provided below.  They are often sold out in advance but it’s sometimes possible to get tickets on the day where pre-ordered tickets have not been collected. If you are attending a Lucia church concert, make sure you come early as it’s often free seating and you may not be allowed in if you arrive at the last minute and the procession is preparing to make its entrance.
Dates: 11 th  12th  and 13th  December
Dates: 13th , 15th and 16th  December
Date: 13th  December
Date: 13th December
Date: 13th December
Dates: 11th, 12th,  13th December
Date: 13th December

Lucia concerts nationwide

You can also find details of Lucia concerts in churches and other venues throughout Sweden via Ticknet.


Wishing everyone a very happy Lucia!

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