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Your complete guide to Swedish parking signs (and avoiding eye-watering fines)

Mar 14, 2017 anne_pihl
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Although Swedes are usually great at English, parking signs are in Swedish or sometimes just unfamiliar and there’s rarely someone around to ask when you need help.  If you take a chance, it never seems to take long before a fine is slapped on your windscreen, especially in Stockholm.  Parking fines in Sweden can cost an eye-watering 1000 kr…. Not a good start to your relocation to Sweden or Scandinavian holiday.

Here’s a guide to parking signs in Sweden to help keep you fine-free. It includes keywords and abbreviations you need to understand, as well as sample signs. It’s also a good insight into how complicated seemingly simple things can be when you don’t speak the language.

Keywords you should know

1 tim – 1 hour
Avgift – Fee
Gäller (även)…. – (Also) applies to….
Gäller ej… – Does not apply to …
Parkering förbjuden – No Parking
P-skiva – Parking disc required
Lastzon – Loading area

Swedish weekdays and abbreviations

It’s important to learn to recognise the days of the week in Swedish as they are often specified on parking signs.

  • Monday: Måndag/mån/må
  • Tuesday: Tisdag/tis/ti
  • Wednesday: Onsdag/ons/on
  • Thursday: Torsdag/tor/to
  • Friday: Fredag/fre/fre
  • Saturday: Lördag/lör/lö
  • Sunday: Söndag/sön/sö

Parking Disc (P-Skiva)

Where a time limitation on parking  has been set, you need to display a parking disc inside your front window screen. Set the arrow to the time of your arrival at the parking space. If, however, there is a fee for parking and you need to get a ticket, the time of your arrival will be printed on the parking ticket, which you need to display inside your windscreen. If you haven’t got a parking disc in your car, you can usually get one at shopping centres.


Parking Signs

No parking

No stopping or parking

No parking Tuesday 08.00 – 16.00 hours or between 1 Nov and 15 May.
Note: The specific dates are to allow for clearing of snow during the winter season and subsequent street cleaning.

No stopping or parking – does not apply for loading or unloading.

No stopping or parking 07.00- 17.00 hrs. No parking at other times.

No parking area. Certain areas (e.g. industrial areas) are marked with no parking signs at the entrance to the area.

No parking – Rented spaces (i.e. long term parking contracts exist)

Parking for visitors only (e.g. if you are visiting a company, you should register your registration number with reception)

You may park between 07.00 and 17.00 hours on any day. (See below for more information on numbers in brackets and different colours)

Parking allowed but fee applies

Parking for up to one hour. Note: you will need to display a parking disc to show how long you have been parked.

Parking allowed for cars (i.e. not buses or other vehicles)

Parking allowed, but between 07.00 and 17.00 hours parking is only allowed for one hour and for a fee. Local residents (boende) with permits have special conditions.

Parking allowed but only for one hour between 07.00 and 17.00 hours. Parking is not permitted between midnight and 06.00 hours.

No parking. The company AB Parkering, telephone number 0123- 45678 monitors parking in this area.

No parking, except for motorcycles

No parking 07.00- 17.00 hours. However, parking for up to one hour is allowed between 07.00 and 15.00 hours. (Note: you will need a parking disc to show you have only parked for one hour)

What do the different coloured numbers and brackets on signs mean?

This is where it really gets really complicated as the different colour schemes and brackets refer to Sundays, public holiday and weekdays. An explanation of the differences is given below and here is a link to a full list of Swedish public holidays.

The Essential Swedish Calendar Guide

White or black figures without brackets indicate weekdays, except weekdays before Sundays or public holidays.

White or black figures in brackets indicate weekdays, before Sundays or public holidays.

Red figures indicate Sundays or public holidays.

Getting in and out of parking garages

And perhaps the most challenging of all…….one that had me stuck inside a garage on more than one occasion as I assumed the garage had closed for the evening.


The instructions on the exit door mean “Drive towards the door and it will open automatically”. Sometimes, however, there are no instructions on the door but it will open automatically if you drive up to it – Not so easy to know if you’ve just arrived in Sweden.

Good luck with your parking!

We hope the above information helps you to stay parking fine-free and saves you from abandoning your car unnecessarily.

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