A personal guide to Sweden will help your employees get off to a great start


Move in service

We ensure that everything works when moving in to the new home. We arrange contracts for water, electricity, internet, TV, gas and refuge collection where new contracts are required and provide any other support needed.

Local orientation

Our local orientation service provides an introduction to daily life in Sweden and helps speed up the settling in process. This customized program is tailored to suit individual needs and provides an overview of the destination as well as insight into living and working in Sweden. Orientation typically consists of a guided tour of the new neighborhood and surrounding areas and an introduction to local amenities and contacts of interest.

Local registration

We provide assistance with getting new arrivals registered in the Swedish system

  • Civic registration at tax office
  • Application for a Swedish identity card
  • Open a bank account
  • Registration for health care
  • Registration for Social Security and family benefits

Tenancy management

Once a new home in Sweden has been secured, we can help with lease management including bill paying, sourcing and coordinating of maintenance services, lease renewal etc. In short, we ensure that life in Sweden runs smoothly so that new arrivals can stay focused on their jobs.

Intercultural training

Understanding cultural norms and the hidden rules of Swedish business culture can make all the difference between success and failure in Sweden. Our intercultural training provides better cultural insight on Sweden and helps to avoid misunderstandings and potential conflict with Swedish colleagues and contacts. Most importantly, this training helps ease and fast forward adaptation to life in Sweden.

More information about our intercultural training

Language training

We provide expert tuition from professional Swedish language teachers. We can also provide language tuition in English and other major languages. As language and culture are intrinsically linked, our teachers are experts in both language and intercultural training.

Achieve personal goals with tailored tuition

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Arrange lessons to suit your schedule
  • Tuition at the location of your choice
  • Learn the specialised vocabulary you need for your profession
  • Individual tuition or small groups
  • Lessons via Skype also available

On-going support

We provide general support in dealing with any needs or problems that might arise, including both administrative and domestic support. Support packages are available with a specified number of support hours to be used as required. Popular uses of this type of support are translation help, completing forms in Swedish and dealing with contact with Swedish authorities.

More information about our on-going support

Partner support programs

Decisions to relocate are usually made jointly but often impact on one partner’s career and network far more than the other’s.  Providing impacted partners with guidance and support in the transition plays an important role in the longer term success of a couple’s or family’s relocation to Sweden.

  • Career Transition Support
  • Social networking support

More information about our partner support program

Additional Services

Home finding, school search, tax consultancy and other services listed under our Planning Services can also be provided upon arrival if preferred.


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