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Partner Support Programs

1. Career transition support

Decisions to relocate are usually made jointly but often impact on one partner’s career far more than the other’s. Providing impacted partners with professional guidance and support in the transition plays an important role in the longer term success of a couple’s or family’s relocation to Sweden.

We provide support in the planning process, enabling impacted partners to identify options and create an action plan. Once in place in Sweden, the scale of cultural discrepancies is often surprising. The Partner Program Service ensures assistance to decipher the organization, norms and possibilities of Swedish society. This service provides a tailored programme of support, career coaching, technology, market intelligence, skill development and feedback, focusing on the practical as well as emotional aspects of relocation and/or transition.

How can career transition services help and what will you gain?

  • A broad understanding of options available to them in Sweden
  • Emotional and practical support for people going through relocation upheaval
  • Market intelligence to help make informed decisions about their next steps
  • Relevant development of skills
  • Access to opportunities and networks
  • Expert guidance e.g. CV development, approaching the market, social media networking, succeeding at interviews in Sweden
  • Full support every weekday

Designed to meet individual needs

This is a confidential, independent service, delivered by professional, accredited career coaches and subject matter experts. The programme is designed to ensure the participants have the best support through the whole process.

  • Individual career coaching
  • Self-awareness assessments
  • Online career management portal
  • Online resources
  • Learning events
  • Job search tools and resources
  • Online research tools

2. Social networking support

Relocating to a new country can be a very isolating experience for those who have accompanied a partner to Sweden because of work job and suddenly find themselves without any network of their own. Even if the new job in Sweden goes very well, many relocations fail because the accompanying family find it difficult to settle.

We provide social networking support and access to events designed to help new arrivals to meet and connect with people with similar interests to their own during their time in Sweden. We also provide support in cracking the Swedish social codes which can make getting to know the locals seem very challenging. Intercultural training and Swedish lessons are also a part of our core relocation offering.

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