We ensure a smooth departure when it's time to move on


When it’s time to return home or transfer to another country, you want to make sure that the transfer happens as smoothly as possible. It’s quite common to be shouldering two roles simultaneously, both the old and the new, before making this move. This additional stress means that things can easily be overlooked, which can lead to practical and even legal problems following departure. Our departure services helps ensure that you leave Sweden in an orderly and stress-free manner without leaving any liabilities behind.

Lease termination

We make sure that leases are terminated correctly, in accordance with the terms of the contract. This is particularly important when a company has signed a corporate lease for employees.

Property handover

We can arrange for the cleaning and a final inspection following move out and follow up that deposits are returned.

Moving services

We help take the stress out of moving by coordinating the packing, moving, storage, delivery and unpacking of furniture and belongings.

Deregistration services

We can help with deregistration from the tax office, schools, day-care etc. We also help to end contracts signed with utilities such as electricity, internet and telephone providers and ensure that any money owed is settled or refunded.

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