Visa & immigration service

We can take care of all the paperwork and processing for your new recruits or transfers and their families.

  • First time applications for work permits
  • Work permit extensions
  • Dependents visas
  • Permanent residency
  • Immigration consultancy

Fast track service for getting work permits for Sweden

We provide a full range of fast track immigration services through certified immigration specialists for your employees and their families. Processing times for first time applications are usually at least 50% faster than via the standard application route. For work visa extensions, the time savings are much more substantial. The greatest time saving with the fast track immigration service, however, is due to the guarantee of accuracy. This is because any mistakes made in the application process by companies or individual dealing with the process themselves, or any incomplete information submitted, result in very long delays. Such mistakes typically double the processing times at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Note: This service is only available to companies hiring or transferring international staff and not to private individuals.

Get clarification on time frames

Companies planning to hire or transfer staff to Sweden are often surprised by the rules in place and the time frames involved for relocating employees to work in Sweden. Lack of knowledge can lead to frustration and lack of compliance can lead to deportation. We also provide consultancy on visa requirements and time frames for hiring and relocating your staff to Sweden.

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