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What is the average price of renting an apartment in Stockholm?

Aug 11, 2017 anne_pihl
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Rents in Stockholm continue to soar following the relaxation of controls over how much landlords can charge for sublets.

The average rental price for sublets in Stockholm is now 12 597 SEK per month which is 39 % higher than the national average of 9056 SEK, according to the latest quarterly survey by property rental site Qasa.  It’s also more than double the average rental price of other Swedish cities such as Linköping, just 2 hours drive away, where the average rental price is 5 475 SEK.

Sublets are the only real option for anyone who is moving to Stockholm or other major Swedish cities and looking to rent an apartment. This is because there has been a crippling shortage of housing for many years and waiting times for first hand rental contracts in Stockholm can be up to 20 years.

Östermalm tops the rent charts

Östermalm is the district that commands the highest rental prices whilst Hässelby and Vällingby in West Stockholm are cheapest. Note: Prices shown cover the municipality of Stockholm only and surrounding suburbs are not included.

Price survey for April – June 2017 just released

Qasa’s survey also includes a breakdown of sublet prices in the different areas of Stockholm.  Details are provided of average prices as well as prices for one, two and three roomed apartments. Apartments in Sweden are described in terms of their number of rooms which refers to the number of living space rooms and does not include the kitchen, bathroom or any hall. A two room apartment, for example, means an apartment with a  living room and a bedroom, a bathroom and usually (but not necessarily) a separate kitchen.

All figures presented are monthly rent prices in SEK






Sources : Qasa, DN 09.08.2017

Renters beware!

The loosening of rental price controls and easy access to property rental websites has encouraged many to sublet their apartments for both shorter and longer term periods. However, many of these rentals are extremely risky as landlords often sublet without authorisation which means that the tenant can be evicted if discovered. This significant risk, combined with all the other usual forms or fraud which exist in highly competitive rental markets, leave newcomers to Sweden wide open for exploitation.

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