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All you need to know about Swedish Midsummer

Jun 23, 2016 anne_pihl

Wishing everyone a very Happy Midsummer:) This short video summarises everything you need to know about celebrating Midsummer in…

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A Norwegian’s view on living and working in Sweden

Jun 21, 2016 anne_pihl

I moved to Sweden 20 years ago on what was supposed to be an 18 month contract with Mobil Oil….

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10 things you should buy when moving to Sweden

Jun 14, 2016 anne_pihl

Sweden is a beautiful country and offers an enormous range of winter and summer amenities and activities. The country also…

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SFI – a great introduction to Swedish

May 28, 2016 anne_pihl

If you’re interested in learning Swedish, make SFI your first port of call. What is it and how does it…

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How to get on with your Swedish neighbours (Part 1)

May 25, 2016 anne_pihl

It might seem like an odd subject to start with but my first blog post in this series is about…

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10 Swedish working benefits that will delight your international...

May 25, 2016 anne_pihl

It’s easy and normal to take benefits for granted when you are used to them. However, many of the work…

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A quick guide to understanding Swedish apartment adverts

May 24, 2016 anne_pihl

Looking for an apartment in Stockholm or elsewhere in Sweden? Then you’re probably online trying to make sense of Swedish…

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