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Christmas Season in Sweden – Saint Lucia Day

Dec 12, 2018 anne_pihl

The feast of Saint Lucia is one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden and a highlight of the Christmas…

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5 Essential dates for your Swedish fika calendar

Oct 05, 2017 anne_pihl

If you’ve a sweeth tooth, you’ve come to the right country. To “fika” (pronounced fee-kah) is one of the first…

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Semla season has started

Feb 27, 2017 anne_pihl

If you’re already living in Sweden, you’re bound to recognise this delicacy, a Swedish Semla. Even if you’ve somehow managed…

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Looking for the hottest restaurants and bars in Stockholm?

Feb 13, 2017 anne_pihl

Your search is over. Here are the nominations and winners of the prestigious  ”Gulddraken” (Gold Dragon) Awards 2017. These highly coveted…

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10 great outdoor bars in Stockholm this summer

Jul 27, 2016 anne_pihl

Looking for somewhere to hang out this summer? Whether you’re interested in cocktails in sophisticated surroundings or something a little…

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All you need to know about Swedish Midsummer

Jun 23, 2016 anne_pihl

Wishing everyone a very Happy Midsummer:) https://vimeo.com/39345149 This short video summarises everything you need to know about celebrating Midsummer in…

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