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3 great ways to meet expats in Sweden

Aug 31, 2016 anne_pihl
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There is a thriving international community in Stockholm and meeting other expats has never been easier with a host of specialist websites and communities to choose from. We recommend you sign up as soon as possible and test which groups suit you best. You can quickly fill up your diary with a whole range of activities and establish new networks.

Whether you’re interested in trying out ultimate frisbee, salsa or just straight forward business networking groups, you should be able to find the right group for you at one of the following dedicated expat sites.

1. www.meetup.com

2. www.internations.org

3. www.expat.com

Good luck with your move to Sweden and happy networking!

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Great article! I would also add, friendmatch.com to that list, although FriendMatch also applies to other countries too.

Anne Pihl

Thanks Katie

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