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Insights into the Swedish mindset & business culture

image source Last week we were invited to guest lecture at Karolinska Institutet on ”Surviving and Thriving at Work in Sweden”, part of our intercultural training series to help internationals fast forward their adaptation to working in Sweden.

men who give women a second chance online dating ist date The aim of the lecture, delivered by Anne Pihl, was to help build  competence and confidence for working at Karolinska Institutet by highlighting some of the driving forces behind Swedish culture and norms, as well as the unwritten rules of Swedish business culture. This sixty minute intercultural journey explored how different perspectives can handicap but also strengthen connection and provided helpful tips for surviving and thriving in Sweden.

more info here Attendees also received a copy of the recently published book ”Working in Sweden : The A-Z Guide”, written to help international professionals smoothly navigate working life in Sweden by bridging the cultural and language divide, explaining what they need to know and what they can expect at Swedish workplaces.

Relocate to Sweden provides expert advice and hands-on help for companies recruiting internationally or transferring staff to Sweden. We also offer private relocation services. We help with the entire relocation process including immigration, home finding, tax consultancy, registration with Swedish authorities, schools, health care, language and intercultural training. Email us at or call us on +46 8 361011 for more information. You can also read more about our relocation services at or follow us on social media for tips and advice.

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