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Looking for an address to impress in Stockholm?

Dec 11, 2017 anne_pihl
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A guide to the most expensive addresses in Stockholm

Considering buying or renting in Sweden’s capital and want to make a splash? Here is a guide to the most expensive addresses in Stockholm based on the latest sale prices from Swedish Brokerage Statistics and Fastighetsbyrån, one of Sweden’s leading estate agents.

Östermalm is the most expensive area in central Stockholm

The ten dearest addresses in Stockholm cost from 113 387 up to 122 869 SEK per square metre. Nine out of ten of these streets are located in the Östermalm area of Stockholm (East central Stockholm) whilst one is in Vasastan (West central Stockholm).  Östermalm has always been known as the wealthiest part of Stockholm so it’s not surprising that the most expensive streets are almost exclusively in this area.

Streets with the highest average sale price

1. Thaliavägen Stockholm, Bromma: 16 031 000 SEK
2. Strandvägen Stockholm, Östermalm: 14 850 000 SEK
3. Höglandsvägen Stockholm, Täby: 14 260 000 SEK
4. Mårdvägen Stockholm, Bromma: 14 080 000 SEK
5. Nysätravägen Stockholm, Lidingö: 13 510 000 SEK
6. Igelkottsvägen Stockholm, Bromma: 12 316 667 SEK
7. Roslinvägen Stockholm, Bromma: 12 080 000 SEK
8. Nyängsvägen Stockholm, Bromma: 11 945 000 SEK
9. Stureparken Stockholm, Östermalm: 11 831 250 SEK
10. Norevägen Stockholm, Danderyd: 11 604 545 SEK

Prices just got cheaper

After many years of rising prices, the property market in Sweden is currently experiencing an adjustment. Property prices in November 2017 fell by 3% both in Stockholm and nationally compared to the previous month, according to figures published by  Swedish Brokerage Statistics.

Need more information?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more detailed information about house or apartment prices for any specific area in Sweden or an update on the Swedish property market. You may also be interested in availing of our  home finding services or property consultation service. We help you to find the perfect home for your budget whether you want to rent or buy.

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