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Stockholm Midsummer Guide 2017: 24 places to join in the celebrations

Jun 21, 2017 anne_pihl
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New in Stockholm and wondering where you can experience traditional midsummer celebrations? Look no further. We’ve put together a guide to 24 different Midsummer events in Stockholm, nearly all of which are free. All you have to do is grab a picnic rug, show up and join in the celebrations.

Don’t get worried if Stockholm seems completely deserted this Friday. Swedes like to head for the country-side for Midsummer but NOT everyone has left town. You just need to know where to go.

Skansen, Djurgården

Close to Stockholm’s centre and probably the biggest and best known Midsummer event in Stockholm, Skansen’s celebrations include dressing and raising a maypole, dancing, music, a huge market place as well as access to this famous outdoor museum and zoo.  A guaranteed hit if you have young children. Note: There is an entrance fee. See details and the full day’s programme at

Free local celebrations around Stockholm

You can celebrate locally in Stockholm at the following locations, all of which include dressing and raising a maypole (aka Midsummer pole), followed by traditional dancing and singing. It’s great family-friendly fun and strongly recommended, especially if you’ve never experienced it before.

Times vary and are indicated in the listings below but the highlight of the celebrations is usually the raising of the pole, followed by dancing and singing, which usually takes about an hour. Many locations also offer a performance by their local folk dance group and games are usually organised for children. Visitors are mostly locals and any guests they have invited. Once the singing, dancing and any organised games are over, people tend to make their way home to continue their own celebrations there or with friends and family.

Good to bring

  • Picnic & picnic rug
  • Wild flowers to dress the maypole or to make your own Midsummer wreath (in case there are none left at the maypole site)
  • A little cash (there’s usually a raffle and or food/drink stands in support of local organisations)
  • Comfortable shoes for dancing / joining in organised games.

Midsummer celebrations in West Stockholm

Tempeludden, Hässelby
Traditional Midsummer celebrations at Riddervik starting at 12 noon. Maypole to be raised at 1pm.

Bromma Kyrka
Meeting point Bromma Bistro (Spångavägen) at 2.30pm. Communal walk, accompanied by music to the Midsummer meadow at Terserusvägen for traditional Midsummer celebrations until about 4pm.

Spånga Kyrka
Spånga folkdansgille (a local folk dance group) will lead the traditional Midsummer celebrations in the grounds of Spånga Kryka (Spånga Church), starting at 1pm and finishing at 4pm.

Görvälns Naturreservat (Bruket),  Järfälla
Maypole dressing starts at 1pm at this nature reserve.

Akalla By, Kista
Starting at 11am and continuing to 4pm. Celebrations at Akalla By (village) include a clown performance.

Skälby Gård, Järfälla
Starts at 12 noon with the dressing of the maypole.

Björklunds hage, Norra Ängby
Dressing of the maypole starts at 10am. Maypole to be raised at 2pm. Also a performance by Bromma folkdansgille, a local folk dance group.

Midsummer celebrations in North Stockholm

Överjärva gård, Solna
Midsummer celebrations start at 11am when lambs are released into pasture with a competition on guessing the lambs’ weight. Maypole to be raised at 2pm

Lindholmen, Vallentuna
Midsummer celebrations at Orkesta bygdegård in Lindholmen. Maypole raised at 1pm.

Rönninge by, Täby
From 10 am, maypole to be raised at 2pm. Performance by Täby Folkdansgille, a local folk dance group.

Kvarnparken, Danderyd
Starts 1pm. Maypole raised at 2.30pm. Dance performance by Danderyd’s Folkdanslag.

Djursholms slottspark
Maypole raised at 4.45pm and celebrations continue to 6.30pm.

Enebybergs gård
From 9am. Maypole raised 11am. Dancing starts 1pm.

Midsummer celebrations in South Stockholm

Maypole dressed from 1pm and raised at 3pm.

Midsummer celebrations from 1 – 4pm at the meadow beside Brännkyrka church in Älvsjö.

Herrängens Gård, Älvsjö
From 11am – 4pm. Maypole dressed from 1pm and raised at 2pm.

Farsta Gård
Midsummer celebrations from 12 – 4pm.

Jakobsbergs Gård, Bredäng
Maypole raised at 12 noon. Celebrations continue to 5pm.

Solhagaparken, Vårby
Midsummer celebrations from 1 – 4pm.

Midsummer celebrations in Stockholm’s archipelago

Midsummer celebrations from 1 – 4pm, on the biggest of these islands, Stora Fjäderholmen.

Maypole dressed from 2pm and raised at 4 pm.

Maypole to be raised at 1pm in the park ”Schweizerparken”.

Afternoon midsummer celebrations at Societetshuset.

Midsummer celebrations on Lidingö

The voluntary organisation Neme Problema which works for better integration in Sweden is organising Midsummer celebrations at Kyrkvikens strand on Lidingö from 11am to 2 pm.

More about how to celebrate Swedish Midsummer

See A guide to Midsummer’s Eve 

We wish you a very Happy Midsummer!

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