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Your Sweden Relocation Mentor

Jan 22, 2019 anne_pihl
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Moving to a new country is always challenging. Your default relocation adviser Professor Google doesn’t always deliver, especially if you are not sure what to search for or if the information you find is up to date and from a credible source.

Relocate To Sweden’s mentor service provides you with expert personal guidance. We brief you on what you need to know from planning through to settling in. Whether you need answers to just a few key questions or on-going support, you will receive invaluable advice and save yourself headache, time and money.

Our mentoring service is designed to help with both the practicalities of relocating to Sweden and the often underestimated challenges of culture shock. After receiving guidance, you can choose whether to deal with all the necessary steps yourself or to engage our services to take care of them on your behalf. You will also be supported through your cultural transition and feel safe in the knowledge that you have someone local to turn to.

Common questions and mentorship needs

  • How long will it take to get my work permit?
  • Is it possible to fast track my work permit application?
  • Will the Swedish salary I’ve been offered suffice?
  • How much tax will I pay?
  • What sort of budget will I need for my accommodation?
  • Do I need to buy health insurance?
  • How does the Swedish education system work and what options are available for my children?
  • Will I be able to buy property in Sweden and how does the process work?
  • How likely is it that my partner will also be able to get a job in Sweden?
  • What sort of support networks are available for internationals in Sweden?
  • How does the Swedish system work?
  • I would like some advice on navigating Swedish business culture and working with Swedes
  • I am struggling to meet people in Sweden and would like to build my network
  • I need advice on adapting my CV for the Swedish market
  • I would like to make the most of my time here and would like some guidance
  • I would like to learn Swedish and need advice on the best options for my situation
  • I am leaving Sweden and need help to ensure that I tie up all the necessary ends before my departure

For corporate relocation
Please call us on +46 8 361011 or email us at for more information about our mentoring and relocation services for your staff and their accompanying families. We would be pleased to arrange an introductory meeting.

For private relocation
Please email us at if you would like to book a appointment with a relocation expert to discuss your individual case. We charge an hourly rate for individual relocation guidance. Alternatively, you can request a quote for our relocation services or have a look through our blog where we publish as much helpful general information as possible.

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We look forward to helping you get off to a great start in Sweden.

Relocate to Sweden provides expert advice and hands-on help for companies recruiting internationally or transferring staff to Sweden and for private relocation. We help with the entire relocation process including immigration, home finding, tax consultancy, registration with Swedish authorities, schools, health care, language and intercultural training. Email us at or call us on +46 8 361011 if you would like help. You can also read more about our relocation services at

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